I’m Blogging Again

I’ve decided that I’ll begin blogging again.  Writing is really therapeutic and I can use all the help I can get right now!  After having worked only for myself for years, I’m back in the corporate world and readjusting gradually.  Since my last blog post, an age ago, I’m also back in Northeastern Ohio from Hampton Roads, Virginia. Zorro the Dog had to be left behind with my sweet friend, Brian, and I have two demon-possessed cats, which provide entertainment for my Facebook friends, but which provide me with more frustration than anything else.  In the coming days, I’ll be sharing stories with you about all of these things and about my restoration of faith, being elected and ordained as a Deacon at my church and the challenges of the trailer park.  Hahahaha!  I sure hope you’ll follow along.

This morning, I came out of the bedroom to find that the cats have figured out the latch on the garbage can lid.  I had roast chicken for dinner last night.  So my first job this morning was to retrieve chicken bones from throughout the house.  The search for any that may have been stashed will have to wait for the weekend.  Damned cats!

Have an awesome Friday until we meet again!


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