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The $84.00 Antibiotic

I’m blessed with having health care coverage that is very comprehensive, a wonderful physician, and fairly good health.  For the past several weeks, however, I’ve struggled to be rid of a rotten sinus infection, which ultimately resulted in my needing to pay out-of-pocket (long story) for an antibiotic called Levaquin.  Five, 500 mg. tablets were $84.00.  You could have knocked me over with a feather when the pharmacist told me the amount.

All that I could think about on my way home from the pharmacy were the times when I had no prescription coverage and would have needed a couple of weeks to save that amount of money.  There have been many such times in my life the explanation for which would bore the reader, but there are countless millions in our country currently in that very position.  What will happen with them this spring when they get a tough sinus infection?

I will be supporting President Obama’s health care reform legislation to the extent that the end result will be universal coverage.  Nobody should have to choose Levaquin over groceries!


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